What Is An Average PPI Claim?

If you have purchased a PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) policy intentionally or accidentally but the chances of claiming on such a policy are nil for you then you are eligible to make PPI claims because you have been mis-sold a PPI policy. Most people tend to wave off the thought of making claims because there
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Low Commission PPI Claims

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) has been mis sold to thousands of people across the UK. If you have been mis sold PPI, or are unsure if you may have been mis sold PPI, we can help you with your PPI claims. There is nothing to pay upfront, we charge just a low commission on PPI
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How Is PPI Mis-Sold

PPI, or Payment Protection Insurance, was mis sold for over a decade by all of the big name banks. It was sold alongside credit cards, loans and other credit agreements. If you have had PPI mis sold to you, you could be entitled to a large sum of compensation, but you might be wondering, how
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